hyperscript 0.0.4 Release

I'm pleased to announce the 0.0.4 release of hyperscript.

I would like to thank Deniz Akşimşek and Ben Pate for their assistance in getting this major release out the door by providing code, discussion and moral support. Thank you guys!


This release involved a massive refactor of the hyperscript runtime to fully support async transparancy.
The runtime was moved back to being interpreted from being transpiled into javascript, which allows for this innovative language feature and that has set the stage for a number of interesting features in the future.

Most commands from the 0.0.3 release are still available, except for the ajax command, which has been replaced with the (much different) fetch command.

The ajax command may return as an add-on in a future release.

In addition to the big runtime change, a slew of new features were added: