NOTE: hyperscript is still in very early development and may change dramatically between releases. Please bear this in mind, and jump on the #hyperscript discord channel to work with us as we develop the language. Thank you!


hyperscript is an experimental scripting language designed for the web, inspired by HyperTalk

hyperscript features include:

You can see a comparison of hyperscript, vanillaJS and jQuery here.

hyperscript is a companion project of htmx but note that because promises are not available in IE hyperscript does not strive for IE11 compatibility.


<script src=""></script>

<button _="on click toggle .big-text">
  Toggle the "big-text" class on me on click

<div _="on mouseenter toggle .visible on #help until mouseleave">
  Mouse Over Me!
<div id="help"> I'm a helpful message!</div>

<button _="on click log me then call alert('yep, it\’s an alert')">
    Show An Alert


Here are the examples above in demo form:

Mouse Over Me!
I'm a helpful message!


the unknown button
so often inscrutable
now says what it does