The toggle Command


toggle ({<class-ref>} | <attribute-ref> | between <class-ref> and <class-ref>)
 [on <expression>]
  [(for <time expression>) |
   (until <event name> [from <expression>]]`

toggle [the | my] ('*opacity' | '*visibility' | '*display')
 [of <expression>]
  [(for <time expression>) |
   (until <event name> [from <expression>]]`


The toggle command allows you to toggle:

on either the current element or, if a target expression is provided, to the targeted element(s).

You can use the form toggle between .class1 and .class2 to flip between two classes.

If you provide a for <time expression> the class or attribute will be toggled for that amount of time.

If you provide an until <event name> the class or attribute will be toggled until the given event is received.


<button _="on click toggle .toggled">Toggle Me!</button>

<div _="on click toggle .toggled on #another-div">Toggle Another Div!</div>

<button _="on click toggle [@disabled='true']">Toggle Disabled!</button>

<div _="on click toggle .toggled for 2s">Toggle for 2 seconds</div>

<div _="on mouseenter toggle .visible on #help until mouseleave">
  Mouse Over Me!
<div id="help">I'm a helpful message!</div>

<button _="on click toggle between .enabled and .disabled">
  Toggle Me!

<button _="on click toggle *display on the next <div/>">
  Toggle Me!