The show Command


show [target] [with <hide-show-strategy>[: <argument>]]


The show command allows you to show an element in the DOM using various strategies. The default strategy is display.

By default, the following strategies are available:

You can change the default hide/show strategy by setting _hyperscript.config.defaultHideShowStrategy

You can add new hide/show strategies by setting the hyperscript.config.hideShowStrategies object.

Note that the display strategy can take an argument to specify the type of display to use when showing. The default is block


<div _="on load wait 2s then show">I'll show after a few seconds!</div>

<div _="on load wait 2s then show:inline">I'll show inline after a few seconds!</div>

<div _="on load wait 2s then show with opacity">I'll show after a few seconds with opacity!</div>

<div _="on click show #anotherDiv">Show Another Div!</div>