The show Command


show [target] [with <hide-show-strategy>[: <argument>]] [where <expr>]


The show command allows you to show an element in the DOM using various strategies. The default strategy is display.

By default, the following strategies are available:

You can also use the style-literal form (e.g. *display).

You can change the default hide/show strategy by setting _hyperscript.config.defaultHideShowStrategy

You can add new hide/show strategies by setting the hyperscript.config.hideShowStrategies object.

Note that the display strategy can take an argument to specify the type of display to use when showing. The default is block

The where clause allows you filter what elements are shown in the target. The expression will be evaluated for each element in target and, if the result is true, the element will be shown. If it is false, the element will be hidden. The it symbol will be set to the current element, allowing you to express conditions against each element in target


<div _="on load wait 2s then show">I'll show after a few seconds!</div>

<div _="on load wait 2s then show:inline">
  I'll show inline after a few seconds!

<div _="on load wait 2s then show with *opacity">
  I'll show after a few seconds with opacity!

<div _="on click show #anotherDiv">Show Another Div!</div>

<!-- on every keyup show all elements in #quotes that match the inputs value -->
<input type="text" placeholder="Search..."
     _="on keyup
          show <p/> in #quotes when its textContent contains my value">