The go Command


 go [to] url <stringLike> [in new window]
 go [to] [top|middle|bottom] [left|center|right] [of] <expression> [smoothly|instantly]
 go back


The go command allows you navigate on the page with various forms

go to url <stringLike> will navigate to the given URL. If the url starts with an achor # it will instead update the windows href.

go to <modifiers> elt will scroll the element into view on the current page. You can pick the top, bottom, left, etc. by using modifiers, and you can pick the animation style with a following smoothly or instantly

Finally, the go back form will navigate back in the history stack.


<button _="on click go to">
  Go Search

<button _="on click go to the top of the body">
  Go To The Top...