The go Command


 go [to] url <stringLike> [in new window]
 go [to] [top|middle|bottom] [left|center|right] [of] <expression> [(+|-) <number> [px] ][smoothly|instantly]
 go back


The go command allows you navigate on the page with various forms

go to url <stringLike> will navigate to the given URL. If the url starts with an anchor # it will instead update the windows href.

go to <modifiers> elt will scroll the element into view on the current page. You can pick the top, bottom, left, etc. by using modifiers, and you can pick the animation style with a following smoothly or instantly.

Additionally you can use a pixel-based offset to pad the scrolling by some amount since, annoyingly, the default behavior of scrollIntoView() is to put the element right on the edge of the viewport.

Finally, the go back form will navigate back in the history stack.


<button _="on click go to url">
  Go Search

<button _="on click go to the top of the body">
  Go To The Top...

<button _="on click go to the top of #a-div -20px">
  Go To The Top Of A Div, with 20px of padding in the viewport