The add Command


add <class-ref+ or attribute-ref or object-literal> [to <target-expression>] [where <expr>]


The add command allows you to add a class (via a class ref), an attribute (via an attribute ref) or CSS attributes (via an object literal) to either the current element or to another element.

Note: Hyperscript supports hyphens in object property names, so you can write add { font-size: '2em' }. However, double hyphens (--) mark comments in hyperscript, so if you need to use them for [CSS Custom Properties][], use quotes -- add { '--big-font-size': '2em' }.

The where clause allows you filter what elements have the class or property added in the target. The expression will be evaluated for each element in target and, if the result is true, the element class or property will be added. If it is false, the class or property will be removed. The it symbol will be set to the current element, allowing you to express conditions against each element in target. Note that this clause only works with classes and properties.


<div _="on click add .clicked">Click Me!</div>

<div _="on click add .clacked to #another-div">Click Me!</div>

<button _="on click add @disabled='true'">Disable Me!</button>

  _="on change add { '--accent-color': my.value } to document.body"

<button _="on click add @disabled='true' to <button/> when it is not me">Disable Other Buttons</button>