The append Command


append <string> [to <string> | <array> | <HTML Element>]


The append command adds a string value to the end of another string, array, or HTML Element. If no target variable is defined, then the standard result variable is used by default.


Append to a string

If you target a string variable, then append uses += to add the string to the end of the target variable.

set fullName to "John"
append " Connor" to fullName
-- fullName == "John Connnor"

Append to an array

If you target an array variable, then append uses Array.push() to add a new item to the end of the array.

set resultArray to []
append 1 to resultArray
append 2 to resultArray
append 3 to resultArray
-- resultArray == [1,2,3]

Append to an HTML Element

If you target an HTML Element, then the value is appended to the end of the element's innerHTML

append "<i>More HTML here</i>" to #myDIV

Use append to collect content

If no target variable is provided, append writes to the standard result variable by default. In some cases this can help you to write even more compact code. But, be careful! Many other commands will also write to the result (or it) variable, which can overwrite your work.

set result to "<div>"
repeat for person in people
    append `
        <div id="${}">
            <div class="icon"><img src="${person.iconURL}"></div>
            <div class="label">${person.firstName} ${person.lastName}</div>
append "</div>"
put it into #people